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Styling is one of my favorite parts of being a developer — I love seeing a page transform with some changes to typography, color scheme or positioning. How we choose to layout a page has a significant impact on the user, and their likelihood to stick around.

One of the first questions added to my ‘All Points Bulletin Board’ (where I keep all of my in-the-moment development questions) related to vanilla CSS, specifically the property:

What does the property do? How do the values and relate to each other?

There are a range of ways to…

Since beginning my journey to become a web developer I’ve kept a list — it exists on a small corkboard near my desk, connected with jewel-toned pushpins. This list is a collection of every question that has come to me in a moment when I couldn’t stop and research. I call it my “All Points Bulletin Board,” and the questions look like this:

  • What is the visual formatting model?
  • What do the properties and mean? How do they work together?
  • What is lexical scope?
  • What is 7–1 CSS structure?
  • What are arrow functions? How do they work?


I’d done it — finished the core Lambda Curriculum — I’d learned more about CSS and html, went through a rollercoaster relationship with javascript (we’re still a bit on-and-off), gotten my hands dirty in React and had even started to acquaint myself with the mysteries of computer science. I was moving into Labs, Lambda’s way of providing students with a more real-world project by working in teams for a month. Each of the projects have real-world stakeholders that bring their proposals to the students, who work to make their vision a reality.

On Friday afternoon, after finishing the last Sprint…

Ashley Bergsma

I’m Ash, a developer with a passion for web design, accessibility, and learning!

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